Blitz Request Form
Please fill out this form and submit in order to request Blitz the Bearcat at your event! We look forward to your request. Please allow 24 hrs to get a reply for request confirmation, and an additional two business days for request approval. We will keep you posted with all information and updates concerning your event, as well as confirmation of a booked performer.
What is the date of the event?
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What time is the event?
In your answer, please specify the length of the total event and then specify the time that you would like Blitz to attend. Remember that Blitz performers will perform at the event in twenty minute periods, with ten minute breaks in between each performing period.
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Requester Name
This should be a person that will be onsite to help with logistical questions.
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Requester Phone Number
This can be cell, work or home, whatever is the easiest way to contact you.
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Requester Email
This can be a work or personal email address.
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What is your event title?
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Where is the location of your event?
Please say where your event will be held. If it is a location on the Willamette University Campus, please specify the room and building. If it is off campus, please give the full address, including zip code.
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Resting Room
Since the performers must take water/bathroom/resting breaks every twenty minutes, we require a private room (this cannot be a bathroom) to be set up at the event. This can be a nearby classroom or office, but it must be private for the performer (and handler) only. It can have other mascots in it if more than one mascot will be at your event. This room must be unlocked and ready before Blitz is called for the event so they can set up in there before they begin their performance. Please have this location secured before submitting your request.
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Willamette University Event?
If WU, which department/organization?
Please write in which organization or department on campus with which the event is affiliated. (i.e. Alumni Relations, O.S.A., W.E.B, Willamette Dance Company, etc.)
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COST = $10/hr (must be paid within 24 hours of the request). How will you pay for this appearance?
All payments should be brought to Willamette University Campus Recreation, Montag.
If you are paying with an on-campus department or student organization account number, then please enter in the account number.
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Special Requirements?
Though Blitz has a specific set of skills, dances, character behaviors, etc. and though Blitz has a brand outfit that Blitz wears to every event, please specify if it is intrinsic to the nature of your event for Blitz to do something in particular and/or wear something in particular. Please keep in mind that we may not be able to grant every special request and that most special requests require extra time and planning (with all parties involved) before the event.
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Brief Overview
Please give a brief overview of what you hope to see Blitz do at the event.
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