FCG Junior Golf Rules Quiz
Rules of Golf for Junior Golfers
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If you score a 3 on a par 4, what did you make?
True or False: After playing a round of golf, you should always shake hands with the people you played with.
How many holes are on a regulation golf course?
Who plays first:
Name 3 parts of the golf club:
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True or False: Running on the putting green is ok.
True or False: A putting stroke is made with a lot of hand action, active legs, and very little shoulder motion.
When you align yourself to the flag to hit a full golf shot, what should be lined up with the flag?
True or False: Stretching before you play is not necessary.
Where do you place your coin or marker on the green when you need to mark your ball?
Where should you stand while someone else is putting?
When using a 7 iron for a full swing shot, place the ball:
Which club should you start with when you practice on the Driving Range :
If you score a 6 on a Par 5, what did you make?
True or False: It is against the rules to clean your ball off with a towel when your ball is on the putting green.
When playing golf, do you want to have the lowest score or the highest score?
Who plays first on the next hole?
When you grip the golf club should your hands be close together or separated by at least 5 inches?
How many clubs can you have in your golf bag?
Which club, when hit, should make the ball travel the furthest?
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