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RSVP for any of these South Area Events. For more, visit bostonjcc.org/southareaevents.
Mom's Night Out!, P&T Nails Bar, Sharon, Thursday, May 23, 6:30-8:30pm
Welcome Baby! Stroll & Schmooze, Angel's Café, Sharon, Saturday, June 1, 2:30-4pm
Welcome Baby! Playground Meetup, Francis William Bird Park, East Walpole, Wednesday, June 12, 9:30-11am
Welcome Baby! Sundae Party, Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar, Sharon, Thursday, June 20, 1-3pm
PJ Library Blueberry Picking, Ward's Berry Farm, Sharon, Sunday, July 14, 9:45am-12pm
PJ Library Road Trip: Hangar 12, Hangar 12, Mansfield, Tuesday, July 23, 9:30-11am
Welcome Baby! Nature Walk, Borderland State Park, North Easton, Sunday, July 28, 10-11:30am
PJ Library Road Trip: Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar, Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar, Sharon, Thursday, August 1, 4-5:30pm
PJ Library Road Trip: Day at the Pasture, NRT Sheep Pasture, North Easton, Wednesday, August 14, 9:30-11am
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