2020 Cavalcade Show Host's Contract
It is hereby agreed that CAVALCADE OF BANDS ASSOCIATION, INC (herein referred to as CAVALCADE) will provide a compliment of eight (8) judges to adjudicate the sanctioned CAVALCADE contest detailed below.
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Judges fee and the CAVALCADE fee will not exceed $2350 for up to and including fourteen (14) bands. For each band over fourteen (14) bands, the fee increases to $15 per judge per band. Fee breakdown is $2100 ($2,700 if auxiliary and percussion judges are used) for judges and $300. CAVALCADE fee. The Cavalcade Administration fee is payable by check to the CAVALCADE OF BANDS. All payments are to be made to the chief judge on the day of the contest. The Marching Band Administrator will notify you two weeks prior to your contest of the total contest fee.
The cancellation procedure as outlined in the band contract will apply. It is fully understood and agreed that if the cancellation procedure is not followed, the bands and judges will be paid in full. In the event a contest is cancelled or rescheduled, for reasons other than rain, after the signed contract has been received by CAVALCADE, the sponsor is required to pay $25 to cover the expense of cancellation or rescheduling.
Must establish an emergency phone number and have it attended until all bands have checked in. Must notify all competition bands of the emergency phone number (see above) and if they will be attended the indoor show by noon on the day of the contest. BANDS MUST, REGARDLESS OF WEATHER, CALL THE EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER PRIOR TO LEAVING HOME FOR CLEARANCE TO PROCEED TO THE CONTEST. SPONSOR CONSEQUENCE - if the sponsor does not notify the bands of the emergency phone number and/or it is rained out or otherwise cancelled, the band must assume all liability for travel expense and will not be reimbursed by the sponsor
A decision, whether to hold or cancel a contest, must be made by noon on the day of the contest. Unusual travel requirements should be negotiated at least two (2) weeks prior to the contest. Once the sponsor assumes responsibility for financial guarantees to all participating bands and judges. It will be the responsibility of the sponsor to notify the Marching Band Administrator who will then notify the Judging Coordinator and Executive Director of moving the show either inside or cancellation. This group will then be responsible to contact all judges, including the Chief Judge.
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