3 minutes Capstone Video Competition
This competition is organized by IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Society Malaysia Chapter and co-organized by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.
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Competition Details
Judging Criteria
The Capstone project must meet following requirements:
1) The significance of the specific application that the team is aiming to address.
2) The technical description of the “Instrumentation and Measurement Systems” project-related that is developed or to be developed.
3) Product design and methodology that are implemented or to be implemented. Final product demonstration is a bonus!

Video Requirements
The video should meet following requirements:
1) The maximum length of video is 3 minutes where the first page must show “CAPSTONE VIDEO COMPETITION FOR IEEE INSTRUMENTATION & MEASUREMENT SOCIETY MALAYSIA CHAPTER” as the main organizer.
2) Video content must adhere to YouTube’s community guidelines.
3) The video should include team member names and University, program name, project title and brief text describing your project.
4) By uploading your 3 minutes Capstone video to IEEE I&M Malaysia, you represent and warrant that you are the original creator of the video, you are the sole owner of the copyright and all other rights in the video and all content in and on the video, and you agree to provide the IEEE I&M Malaysia with unlimited rights to use the video in IEEE promotions. Acceptable file formats: MOV, MPEG4, AVI, and WMV.
5) Video must be uploaded in both YouTube and google drive folder. The link to both YouTube and google drive folder must be submitted within this form.

Consent Letter
A copy of consent letter from your program coordinator or project supervisor must be submitted within this form. The form for consent letter can be obtained from the following link:

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