Seashore Property Management: Rental Agreement
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Short Term Rental Contract & Policies


For all reservations, regardless of date made, a 50% deposit is required upon booking. If paying by check/money order, a $100 nonrefundable deposit must be made at the time of booking by MasterCard or Visa. A 50% deposit must be received within 2 weeks of the reservation date. If paying by credit card, the 50% deposit will be taken upon booking. The FINAL payment must be received no later than 30 days prior to your reservation. A $50 late fee will be assessed for all late payments. Payment must be made by Personal check, Bank Check or Money Order (IN U.S. FUNDS) unless approval to use a credit card is received. The reservation may be cancelled without further notice if payments are not received by SPM when due. Please include a copy of your signed contract with the Reservation ID # noted along with your first payment. Mail payments to:
Seashore Property Management, 937 Portland Road, Suite E, Saco, Maine 04072.

2. CLEANING: Guests are responsible for leaving the property in good order before departure for the next guests. Guest shall leave all doors and windows locked and make sure the heat and lights are turned off upon checkout. With limited time available between guests, tenant is required to complete the following:
• Return furniture to original location
• Wash and put away all dishes including those in dishwasher.
• Remove all food and trash from home.
• Place trash in plastic bags in proper receptacles as detailed in property rules.
• Appliances, counter and other surfaces must be wiped clean.
• Carpets and floors are to be broom cleaned of excessive debris.
• Failure to complete the above will result in charges against the security deposit.

OPTION 1: Non-Refundable Security Deposit Damage Waiver fee of $35. This covers theft or damage to the rental unit as a result of your inadvertent acts or omissions up to $2000.00. You must notify SPM of any damage or theft to the unit during your occupancy, or this plan is void. Payment of Damage Waiver will not be accepted after you have occupied the unit. The units are carefully inspected after each rental. If you decide not to pay the Security Deposit Damage Waiver, a security deposit will be added to your final reservation payment.
OPTION 2: A Security/Damage Deposit of $500.00 paid in check or money order with your final reservation payment is required on all properties to insure compliance with the Terms of Occupancy. The Security/Damage deposit is held until a determination of the condition and content of the rental property has been verified. Amounts will be released within 30 days of check-out after verification that no damage was incurred, or that additional cleaning has not been necessary. NO PERSONAL CHECKS OR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED ON THE DAY OF CHECK-IN.

4. ADMINISTRATIVE/PROCESSING FEE: All reservations require a NON-Refundable $100.00 Administrative/Processing Fee to be paid with the first installment

5. CANCELLATIONS: Monies received will be refunded ONLY if SPM is successful in re-booking the premises for the same reservation period and the same rental amount. If SPM is unable to re-rent the cancelled period, the total rental charge will be due, with all advance rental payments forfeited.

6. RESERVATION CHANGE: Any change or transfer of a confirmed reservation is subject to a $50.00 Administrative Fee AND property owner approval. Owner has the right to refuse to authorize the change or transfer of a confirmed reservation.

7. PETS: MOST PROPERTIES DO NOT ALLOW PETS. Properties allowing pets require an extra pet security of $150.00. Tenants must abide by all local pet regulations and leash laws. Tenant is responsible for any flea removal costs or pet caused damage and complete clean up of pet debris upon departure. Any pets found on a property that DOES NOT allow pets or has not been approved by SPM will risk immediate eviction with no refunds from the property and lose the full security deposit. Unless the circumstances make it unreasonable to do so, the pet policy will be waived for individuals with disabilities who need a service animal in order to have equal enjoyment of the rental premises. Service animals are exempt from the pet deposit.

8. METHOD OF PAYMENT: All rates quoted by SEASHORE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT are amounts payable in U.S. funds. Returned checks will incur a $30.00 fee.



Check-in and key pick-up takes place at the SEASHORE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT office at 937 Portland Road, Saco, Maine 04072. Early Check-In are NOT available. Please schedule arrivals accordingly. If a guest is to arrive after 4:00 PM please call for special instructions on picking up your keys. SPM cannot provide a late check-in if guests have a balance due. Guests shall not proceed to the rental property, including driveways; prior to check-In. Guest may be charged one additional day rental if property is occupied prior to Check-In. Keys are not released until the specified check-in time. NO Exceptions!! Keys are to be picked up at SPM office located at 937 Portland Road, Saco, Maine.

10. CHECK-OUT TIME (10:00 AM SHARP): Check-Out and vacating the property completely on the day of departure is 10:00 AM. Guest will be charged one additional day rental if property is not vacated by Check-Out time. All property keys must be returned to Seashore Property Management office. There is a $25.00 charge for lost, missing or keys not returned to SPM by 10:00 AM. on the day of departure. Charges for non-returned keys will be deducted from guests Security/Damage deposit.

11. TRASH REMOVAL: Guests are responsible to follow house rules for trash removal and place sealed, bagged trash in containers for weekly trash removal per property rules. Trash not sealed and not placed in plastic bags or in designated areas will result in extra charges.

12. DEPARTURE REQUIREMENTS: The rental property is to be left generally clean and all bagged trash removed and stored in trash receptacles provided by the owner and taken to designated pick-up areas. All kitchen equipment and utensils are to be cleaned and stored away. All floors are to be broom clean. Any furniture or bedding should be in a neat and tidy order.

13. SUBLETTING PROHIBITED: Guest acknowledges that the rental property may not be sublet. Subleasing shall immediately void any rental agreement with no refund due to guest.

14. GUEST/OCCUPANCY: Occupancy (including small children, infants and visitors) is not to exceed the cited amount in your lease. Overcrowding is a violation of the lease and you may be asked to vacate the premises or incur added charges.

15. HOUSEPARTIES/QUIET HOURS: House parties and large gatherings exceeding maximum occupancy are prohibited. For guest’s enjoyment and the enjoyment of others, please respect quiet times between 10PM and 8AM.

16. PARKING: Parking is limited to the number specified on this contract. Do not exceed the number of vehicles each property will accommodate. Excess vehicles on property are subject to removal at guest’s expense.

17. ITEMS NOT FURNISHED: The rental property will not have linens, towels, and soap or paper products unless otherwise noted. Pillows and blankets are supplied. (EXTRA) blankets and pillows are not supplied.

18. ACCOMMODATIONS: Accommodations range from luxury homes to very basic cottages. All properties are privately owned, individually furnished and equipped for housekeeping with basic items such as pillows, blankets, cookware, flatware and dishes. Other small appliances, fans, beach chairs, grills, radio, air conditioning, etc., may or may not be provided. SPM is unable to
provide additional furnishings or appliances.

19. CAMPERS/MOTOR-HOMES/TENTS: No Parking of campers, motor homes or the use of tents is allowed on rental property. Strictly enforced!

20. TELEVISIONS: Cable service varies from (basic 10+/- channels) to (expanded 40+/- channels).

21. GAS GRILLS AND CHARCOAL BBQS ARE NOT ALWAYS PROVIDED: Properties that include gas or charcoal grills provide gas tanks and cooking surfaces ONLY. CHARCOAL IS TO BE PROVIDED BY GUEST. Outdoor cooking is allowed, except in certain condominium complexes. Fireplaces are not to be used. ALL cooking surfaces must be left clean by guest upon departure.

22. CAMPFIRES: Campfires are prohibited. NO EXCEPTIONS.

23. MECHANICAL & APPLIANCE FAILURE: Seashore Property Management will use its best efforts to have mechanical (water, septic, electrical and plumbing) and appliance failures corrected as soon as possible but cannot control the scheduling of outside service contractors. NO REFUNDS will be made for appliance(s) or mechanical failures or breakdowns. SPM shall have the right to arrange, inspect and make repairs during rental period. Guest will be charged for unnecessary maintenance and service calls or repairs caused by abuse beyond normal wear and tear.

24. REFUND OR REBATES: NO refunds will be made for the malfunction of appliances or other equipment.

25. CONSTRUCTION: As our area continues to grow we cannot predict when or where new constructions will begin. We have no control in these situations, and cannot move or offer refunds on confirmed reservations.

26. PROPERTY RESERVED: Each rental property is privately owned and reflects the owner’s personal taste. Property reserved is represented by SPM as realistically as possible with regard to space, physical size and comparison.

27. COMMUNITY RULES/REGULATIONS: Individual communities have rules and regulations that are part of the guests Terms and Conditions of Occupancy. Community rules that apply are provided to tenant at check-in, or may be requested prior to occupancy.

28. UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES: If the rental property becomes unavailable or uninhabitable, SPM reserves the right to move a guest to a comparable location accommodating the same number of persons and within the same price range. SPM cannot guarantee availability or comparability of other properties. Owner and SPM are not liable for any acts of nature or major mechanical failure that would prohibit or limit the use of a property.

29. LIABILITY: Tenant and guests hereby agree(s) to make restitution for and hold and save harmless Seashore Property Management their employees, and the property owner from loss, damages, claim, demand, suits, judgments, liabilities or any cause whatsoever, which the owner or Seashore Property Management would be otherwise held responsible for arising from any injury or death to persons or property, or any claim on account thereof resulting from Tenants use of the premises or Tenants failure to comply with this agreement, either in or about the occupied property or elsewhere.

30. GUEST RESPONSIBILITY: The guest whose name appears on the confirmation is responsible for all terms and conditions set forth in this document for them, their guests or others they may have on the vacation rental property during their term of occupancy.

31. VIOLATION OF TERMS OR CONDITIONS OF OCCUPANCY: When guests violate(s) any of the terms of occupancy, property rules, community rules or regulations, the guests may be asked to vacate the property by SPM, a charge against the security deposit may be incurred and NO refund shall be due to guests.
Please review all terms and conditions of occupancy.
These terms apply to all properties and are not subject to modification.

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