NYS 2019 Service Fair
Hello, Everyone!

The New York District of Circle K welcomes you to its 2019 New York Speaking Conference. During this weekend, you will learn a lot about the structure of Circle K, especially about its three tenets: Leadership, Fellowship, and Service. Speaking of Service, every year we host a Service Fair at NYS where everyone is given the opportunity to participate in hands-on Service Projects. Of course, it wouldn't be possible without the help of amazing volunteers who lead the projects.
Would YOU like to be one of those volunteers?

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There are two options for the type of service table that you can organize:

Option 1: You can lead a project that we have already planned
Option 2: You can suggest a service project idea and lead it

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* * * Important Note: Filling out this form DOES NOT guarantee anything. Once the NYS registration deadline has passed, you will receive a confirmation email if your application has been accepted.

If you would like to suggest a service table, but cannot or do not want to lead it, please email your idea(s) to service@nycirclek.org
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