Schedule Change Request
Included below is an opportunity for student’s to request a schedule change for the upcoming semester. Students are encouraged to talk with their families about which options will allow them the most opportunities. Please include all appropriate information to ensure for the most efficient completion of the request.
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Counselors will work on these changes in a limited capacity before the semester begins. If we have questions or cannot make the change work please included a contact. Students, please indicate your student email. Parents/guardians, please include an email or phone number where you can be contacted.
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The goal of Grand Rapids High School is to provide a challenging academic environment for all students. To encourage academic and personal growth the following reasons are appropriate for requesting a schedule change. *
The following checklist items are the only reasons a schedule change request may be submitted. Please let us know the reason for the submitted request by checking the response(s) below:
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i.e. names of course(s), special circumstances, etc. If you are requesting to replace a course, please give two alternates in case the first course does not work in your schedule.
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GRHS Credit Requirements
STATE Requirements: 20.5 credits
Science – 3 credits
English – 4 credits
Math – 3 credits
Social – 3.5 credits
Electives – 7 credits; 1 must be in the arts (visual arts, music, theater, dance, or media arts)

Additional ISD 318 Requirements: 2.5 credits
Physical Education - 1 credit
Wellness for Life (Health) - .5 credit
Social Studies/Elective - .5 credit
Money Matters Financial Literacy - .5 credit

20.5 State required credits + 2.5 additional ISD 318 credits=
23 Credits

Follow up
Please check Parent Portal to confirm the change has been made. Your counselor will contact you if she/he has questions or is unable to make an easy change due to conflict. Counselors will be working to adjust schedules and meet with students in December and Early/January. If you do not see a change made on the schedule by mid January, please contact the GRHS Counseling Office to set up a further appointment with your counselor.
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