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We invite you to join ASHYA and The Toolbox for 7 Days of Meditation, Breath Work, Yoga, Healthy Dialogue and Creative Explorations. In an effort to stay whole and healthy during these months inside, we’ve leaned on our community for support and have teamed up with some friends, a guiding force of POC women to share tools for life with you. Let’s go inward before venturing outward so that we can cultivate the resilience and clarity to  rebuild our new world consciously and intentionally—because at the center of a whole and healthy community is a whole and healthy individual.

We will provide a full program schedule and additional details once you sign up as well as reminders prior to each session with a private Zoom invitation link. We look forward to exploring with you!
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Our Value Field
It is important to establish an environment that is supportive to everyone. This has always been important to us and our understanding of health and healing. Inner exploration is incredibly personal and takes courage. We want you to know that we understand this and operate according to the following values:

1. Freedom.
We believe in personal responsibility. You are the expert on your own health.You have the power and agency to create health in your own life. There are no "have to's". Listen to your body and assume responsibility for yourself. We will primarily focus on restful yoga and breath work. We highly recommend giving everything a  try...as they say...don't knock it till you try it! Learn to distinguish between discomfort (from trying something new) and pain, particularly during our active yoga sessions. Pain generally takes your breath away. We are here to support you so please reach out with questions, concerns.

2. Ubuntu
Every person matters. I am because of you.
This value expresses our belief in our shared humanity. We value each of you and your opinions.
This means we will respect everything you share and treat it as sacred. We trust that everyone else will do the same.  What happens in Zoom, stays in Zoom.

3. Accessibility
Every body can create good health and is entitled to it. We aim to meet you where you are. We believe health solutions should be robust and responsive to the environment and people who it is created for. This means you must adjust and modify postures and exercises to cater to your health and fitness level. Use props, sit on a chair, take breaks if this is what you need. No judgment.

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