Sidekick Squad Blog Tour Sign-Up! (27th May - 7th June)
Welcome, and thank you for your interest to be part of the blog tour for the SIDEKICK SQUAD series.

As a major fan of this series and C.B. Lee's work, I had this idea to bring together all the fans of the series and organise a blog tour to celebrate, promote, and share all the love for, not only NOT YOUR BACKUP, but also the first two books of the series, NOT YOUR SIDEKICK (#1) and NOT YOUR VILLAIN (#2).

For the SIDEKICK SQUAD blog tour, we would like to invite book reviewers who love the SIDEKICK SQUAD series to participate. Although the focus should be on NOT YOUR BACKUP (#3), we would also like to welcome book reviewers who would like to review NOT YOUR SIDEKICK (#1) and/or NOT YOUR VILLAIN (#2) as well.

Sign-ups for the blog tour are now open, and will close on the 17th of March. Please note that signing up for this blog tour will not guarantee you that you'll be accepted as a part of the blog tour.

*The blog tour will run from 27th of May 2019 to 7th of June 2019.* Weekends included!

For more information:

If you have any questions, please DM me, CW, on Twitter (@artfromafriend) or email me at

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