Provincial Judge Registration
This is the provincial Judge Registration for Concours d'art oratoire.

Date: May 6th, 2017
Event: Provincial Concours d'art oratoire
Location: SFU Surrey

Confirmation: Will be sent within 2 working days to confirm registration and/or notify you of your acceptance and role as a provincial judge.

Contact: Darian Pang Email:

Website:>Activities->Youth Activities>Concours d'art oratoire page for current attachments on rules and more.

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Note: this refers to the Organization Judge Sponsorship Opportunity.
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Do you speak French with fluency? *
Note that judges are required to be able to ask questions in French to the students in the competition.
Do you have experience in evaluating student work? *
Have you been a judge for Concours in the past? *
If you have judged in the past, how many years have you been a judge with CPF's Provincial Concours.
Note: Numeric entry only (i.e. "5")
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Are you signing up as part of the Young Judges Program *
This program is for past Concours d'art oratoire competitors.
Do you have a category preference to judge?
Note, this preference will be taken into consideration, but not guarenteed.
Judges will be required from 9:00am - 4:30pm with the full event finishing at 5:00pm. Please check below to indicate your availability. *
If you'd like to judge with someone you know, please state their name below.
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Will you require parking? *
If you are currently teaching French in BC, please list the grade(s) and categories so we can avoid a conflict of interest in assigning you your category.
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I am aware of and have reviewed the Letter of Agreement required for this role as judge. *
Note- view the Letter of Agreement on the Concours webpage under Judge Information.
Please fill in any additional comments that may be beneficial and if you'd like, including a short note on relevant experience you have.
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