US citizens and residents held at US border due to Iranian ancestry
This is a form to collect the stories of Iranians (US Citizens, or Permanent Residents) held at the US border, starting in January 2020 after the US assassination of Qassim Suleimani.

The information is being collected in coordination with with IABA (the Iranian American Bar Association), and may also be shared with
(1) US press who are interested in reporting on what happened
(2) Civil rights organizations
(3) US Congresspeople who have expressed interest in holding the US customs and border patrol responsible.

The information submitted will not be shared with anybody else.

Please only fill out this form if you or your direct family (spouse, parents, or children) were held at the US border for no other reason than for being of Iranian descent, AND are US citizens (US passport) or permanent residents (US green card).
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In case people want to contact you for more information
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What was the immigration status of your group (check all that apply) *
How many hours were you (or your family) held at the border *
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Can you describe what happened? *
Who was held up at the border, (eg "myself and my wife", or "my husband and children", etc), at what location, and what happened?
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What kinds of questions did they ask you (including any questions about military service)? *
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Were you given any paperwork? (please describe)
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Were you allowed to make phone calls?
Were you asked to unlock your phone or present your social media accounts?
Was your passport taken?
If your passport was taken, did they return it to you?
Were you offered food and water?
Any other humanitarian factors: health or family or employment that was impacted?
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What border location did this happen at?
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