Epidemic Response Quest Volunteering
Humanitrack.org is seeking global volunteer heroes to help create, share, and maintain databases, overviews, and roadmaps of the science and tech driven solutions, networks, news and events related to COVID-19.

Our open platform and community at the Epidemic Response Quest allows anyone to assist with this work and also perform pre-projecting on new ideas or improving existing solutions.

Your volunteering efforts will build the foundation for the general Quest community and content, help it grow and gain exposure, and of course aid the world in getting the much needed agile overviews of this latest pandemic.
There are so many other communities and individuals out there, many like you who want to take action and help, so many solutions that are updated daily or waiting to come to life, and the world needs a platform and community to keep this up-to-date and organized so we all can make sense of what is out there, collaborate, and align our efforts.

In addition to mapping out solutions, networks, news, events and providing a general overview, we give the world a resource for pre-projecting: that is bringing ideas for new solutions or improving existing solutions, then taking them those first few steps before going elsewhere and doing an actual project. This includes ideation, feasibility, and finding others to join your project. We can breed some really cool innovation with our global and diverse community!
If you have 8 minutes, this explains it all!!!
What's in it for you?
-A great addition to your CV and LinkedIn profile

-A warm fuzzy feeling and sweet karma from taking action to help during this crisis

-Experience from working in an impact startup and a community of like-minded heroes

-Knowing you are helping with a platform and global community at humanitrack.org that will address human challenges beyond COVID-19 (like Cancer and the Climate Crisis)
Who are we looking for?
-Volunteers working from home with at least 2-5 hours of availability per week at least through April 2020 (otherwise use your spare minutes to join the Quest and contribute at humanitrack.org , everything helps!)

-Those motivated to truly help out

-Desk researchers, ambassadors, marketing communicators, content creators, SoMe gurus, admins, project managers
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