CCHS Parent Survey 22-23
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My child's school provides the instruction and help needed for my child to be successful. *
Do you think that discipline problems are handled fairly and consistently at your child's school? *
Do you feel that the school provides a safe and orderly environment for learning? *
I have been informed of my child's progress throughout the year. *
I find it easy to arrange an in-person meeting or communicate with my child's principal when necessary. *
Please select ALL areas in which your child's school effectively communicates with you. *
How would you prefer the school to contact you? *
Does your child's school have an active parent-teacher organization? *
Have you been involved in planning and evaluating any of the school programs at your child's school during the present school year? *
Overall, the quality of my child's educational experiences during the present school year has been... *
How supportive is the administrative staff at your child's school? *
How concerned are you about your child's academic growth during the present school year? *
How concerned are you about your child's social- emotional well-being during this present school year? *
Please give your your child's school administration a grade for their quality of communication and willingness to help accommodate the needs of your family regarding COVID-19 related areas. *
Federal dollars (Title I, II, IV and V) have been allocated at your school to support the academic growth of students and to  provide support to teachers. Please identify the amount of effectiveness for the below efforts that have been implemented. *
Great Idea
Good Idea
Not a Good Idea
Don't Know
Student technology
Teacher Training
STAR/AR/AM etc. Progs.
Parent Calling Program
Dual Enrollment funding
School Nurse
Math Tutor
Reading Tutor
School Improvement Tutor
Parent and Family Engagement funds
Additional federal dollars (ESSER), have been allocated at your school to prepare for, prevent, and respond to the effects of COVID-19. Please identify the amount of effectiveness for the below efforts that have been implemented and that will be implemented in the future towards the fight against COVID-19. *
Great Idea
Okay Idea
Not a Good Idea
Don't Know
Custodial/Maintenance Staff
Student Technology
Staff Technology
School Counselor position
TST Chairperson
Teacher Training
Dual Enrollment funding
Online Instructional programs
Instructional supplies
Summer School Program
After School Program
Credit Recovery Online Program
Purchase of Additional School Buses
CCHS receives additional federal funding (Title IV) to support academic efforts. CCSD was affected by a monetary Title I shortfall this school year and to compensate for the loss, CCSD elected to transfer all of Title IV dollars to support Title I efforts to fill in the monetary gap. *
What are the best things about your child's school? (Optional)
What are the greatest needs at your child's school? (Optional)
What can your child's school do to encourage MORE Parent and Family Engagement? (Optional)
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