NSBudapest Slack Channel Invite
Hi iOStronauts!

I am really happy to announce our NSBudapest slack channel!

The mission of the channel is to bring together people with the same interests between meetups. The list of channels are the following:
#events - The meetups will be posted there, conferences, workshops etc.
#articles - Interesting articles related to iOS or software development in general or just a tweet to start a discussion
#fun - Funny memes, insider jokes etc.
#jobs-board - If you have vacancies at your company or just looking for a new challenge you can post it there
#tech-help - If you seek some technical help from the community like you don't know to name a variable or you are looking for someone with experience with some framework feel free to ask, we will help:)

The only thing you have to do is to write your email address below and I will happily invite you to the party!

Best regards,
Gabor - Organizer

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