Cloud Standards Implementation Survey
ETSI, OGF, SNIA and the OCEAN Project are joining efforts to organise the Cloud Interoperability Week on the week of the 16th of September 2013 in Madrid, Spain.

This event will be composed of a mix of Workshop, Demos and CloudPlugfest and will be colocated with the EGI Technical Forum and the OGF#39 Meeting.

The Cloud Interoperability Week will provide an insight into the real state of Cloud Standards implementations and use cases. It intends to evaluate the level of interoperability of different solutions and to showcase how cloud standards interwork together.

We would like to offer to potential participants interested in bringing their cloud solutions to the Cloud Interoperability Week an opportunity to shape the scope of the event by indicating the typical use cases they address, the cloud standards they implement, and their main areas of interest.

If you are working on a cloud solution and you would like to provide your input, please fill in the questionnaire below by 30th April 2013.
Cloud solution name. *
Please enter the name of the cloud solution, product or implementation
Project name & URL.
If this solutionis being developped within the context of a project, please enter the project name and URL
Involved organisations. *
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Use cases.
Please briefly describe some typical use cases addressed by this solution, and the source of the use cases (NIST, SAJACC, CSC, ...) if known, do not hesitate to link to the reference document.
Implemented Standards.
Please specify below the standards implemented by the solution.
Please specify the role the solution or product plays for each implemented standard (client / server)
Areas of Interest.
Please select below the activities you would be interested in participating to during the Cloud Interoperability Week, several choices are possible:
Additional information / other areas of interest
Please provide the details for the previos question here or specify any other area of your interest in the Cloud Interoperability Week.
Please provide here any other comment that could help us to make the Cloud Interoperability Week a worthwhile event for your company or project.
Are you planning on atteding the Storage Developer Conference on the same dates?
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