New Years Improv Theatre Retreat 2021
Welcome to the New Years Improv Theatre Retreat organized by the Copenhagen Theatre School. Fill in your details to register your participation and feel free to add any comments you might have.
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Food allergies, if any..
The participants usually help out with dishwashing etc. a few times each during a retreat. We also offer you the option to just relax if you prefer that. The tasks will be divided and a schedule made before the retreat starts. You can tick more than one option if you are flexible. We will try to make it fair so that each person spends approximately the same amount of time helping out. *
Payment. Please transfer the deposit of DKK.1000 before you finish signing up. This is a non refundable deposit if you decide to pull out of the retreat. *
Due to Covid-19 or other unforeseen events, I understand that this retreat could be cancelled and under that circumstance will be refunded entirely as a consequence (this includes the deposit). *
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