The Creative Penn Audiobooks and Podcasting Questionnaire
Thanks for your interest in my course (and future book) on audio for authors which will include details on creating and marketing audiobooks as well as creating your own podcast, plus how to be a great guest on other people's shows, using voice for marketing, as well as some voice-first info around optimizing for smart speakers (Alexa) etc.

I'd love to know what your questions are around these topics so I can make the book super useful.

>>> Please enter your questions and comments below.
I may quote from the survey within the book so I've asked for your permission at the end. If I do use a quote, I will contact you closer to the publication date. I will also be offering promo codes for the course if you're interested.

Any other questions, please email me:
Thanks so much for your help,
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It's possible that I may use quotes from this survey within a future book, so please indicate whether you're happy with this below. *
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