Grade 5 Theory parental guidance and terms
In the light of new teaching conditions, please read the following carefully and fill this in before the course starts.
Email address *
Full postal address *
Parent phone number *
Name of parent *
Name of pupil/pupils plus age *
Details of instruments and standards e.g. bassoon -working towards grade 5, piano grade 2 just passed *
Parental Responsibilities
Suitable Space - good lighting NOT bedrooms, open door if parent leaves the room please. You may wish to think about what personal things are in the background of the video shot.
Suitable Clothing - anyone who may be seen on screen must be in appropriate clothing, no pyjamas!
Parent must be present at start, and preferably end of each session. Parent/adult should please stay within one open door of the session.
Parent will be put into the online waiting room until the session starts, and must at least wave once invited in. I can't allow any children into the session unless I have seen an adult within a few seconds!
Disruption - please try to keep younger children (and indeed, older children/adults) from interrupting the session. You may also wish to ensure the best possible connection by avoiding other internet use, especially video, during the session time by other people in the house.
If, at any time, anyone feels uncomfortable then the lesson should be immediately finished and a covering email sent to explain the reasons.
If there are technical difficulties, first disconnect and attempt to reconnect, then text 07715 556589. Children must NOT ring or send texts, only adults.
Headphones are recommended as they mean fewer distractions.
You must be on time for sessions (the room will open 10 mins before each session)

Course participants must have:
sharp pencil (ideally mechanical!), rubber, ruler, plenty of spare A4 plain paper, printout of course materials.

Teacher Responsibilities
Set up a zoom meeting room on time using all the security features for safeguarding purposes
Be in a suitable space with all resources ready
Will not record the lesson (other than written notes)
Provide the relevant resources well before each session for printing
Provide quizlet follow up materials immediately after each session
Will send text reminder if you are late for a session.
Confirmation of terms (children will not be admitted to sessions unless this form is completed with all the ticks!). Details of payments will be sent when you email to book a place on a course. *
How did you hear of Harmonia theory courses? *
Additional Information
This course is quite intense and pupils must be prepared to do homework between sessions. Pupils who complete the quizlets and written practice papers are VERY likely to pass the exam, but there are no guarantees!
If you are unable to print course materials at home (approx. 30 pages) then these can be sent out by post for an additional £5, on request only.
Please do let me know if there is any additional information that I should know about your child (dyslexia, hearing difficulties etc).
Although ABRSM Grade 5 Theory exams are now online, this course prepares using a mix of written papers and online quizlets. This means that your child will be able to WRITE music as well as completing the online exam which is mostly multiple choice! Most music teachers feel very strongly that this is very important, and it is vital preparation if your child is going to take GCSE, A-Level or higher level music theory of any type. The written papers absolutely prepare pupils for the online exam.
Any other useful information re your child/request to join a particular course.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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