We are currently going through a completely unprecedented times in our daily life and also our health infrastructure. Even though we are trying to enable health infrastructure with new tools, machinery and knowledge there is one critical component which still remains a miss for majority of health services in Rural India is "consistent source of Power".

As the 2nd wave of Covid-19 moves towards rural India, this problem may turn out to be equally fatal in many regions of India. We at AIC-JKLU wants to invite young minds from across the country to prepare for this. We invite young minds with there solutions to this problem and we commit to validate, operationalize and implement the idea in the real world.

We are looking for solutions which are-
1. Technically viable
2. Quick to test and create
3. Faster implementation in rural India
4. Cost effective

This is an open invitation to bring out each possible solution to assist in the critical situation our country is going through.
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