Protect Our Immigrant Students- Day of Action
Join us in a Day of Action on February 28th at your school. We will have activities that show support for our immigrant students (lesson plans, shirts, posters, fliers, activities, more details to come). The UFT has endorsed this as part of our "Public School Proud" campaign.
Chancellor Farina has taken great steps to protect our students including; a promise to secure their data, reaffirmed schools as safe and supportive environments for all, partnered with ActionNYC to offer free legal advice, sent a letter home on Immigration FAQ to parents/guardians, and has posted information on the DOE webpage.
We are still asking the Chancellor to
-have an immigrant liaison in every school,
- to expand on the initial letter by publicizing an explicit, transparent protocol for all of NYC schools that includes no ICE agents granted entry at schools unless they have received permission from the Chancellor.
-create curriculum developed by teachers that embraces our values as a multicultural and multilingual community,
and we are asking the Mayor
- to support the New York Dream Act and actively lobby the state senate, assembly and Governor Cuomo to pass this bill.
- We ask that the Mayor direct the NYPD to stop making broken windows arrests and that the five District Attorneys put a moratorium on broken windows prosecutions, as outlined in the #NYCdontprosecute campaign.
- We also ask that the Mayor work with the Department of Education to invest in restorative justice positions and practices and restrict the presence and role of law enforcement officers in schools, as outlined in the Counselors Not Cops campaign
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