2017 Interactive Professional Development Day Call for Proposals
Opening Week Breakout Sessions Proposals due AUGUST 24th - CLOSED
Professional Development Day Proposals due September 22nd

Proposals after the deadline will not be considered.

Professional Development Day - October 20th
Biography of Key Note Speaker:

We are excited to welcome master diversity trainer Lee Mun Wah back to our campus to host a 4-hour workshop for all faculty and staff across our institution on the morning of PDD. The workshop is titled “The World is All Around Us – Creating a Culturally Responsive and Sustainable College Community.” Lee Mun Wah will guide us in the following objectives:

Create a community that retains and recruits diverse students and staff that feel validated, supported and embraced for their uniqueness.

Align racial differences through understanding how they can affect relationships, communication and behaviors.

Listen and respond to personal experiences from a cultural perspective.

Develop ways to respond compassionately and openly about diversity issues.

Practice working with conflict and hurt when diversity issues are involved.

Create a sense of community through dialogue and stories.

This workshop will provide opportunities for us to hear about each other’s journeys and learn about the myriad perspectives we each bring to the table.

Please do not submit a proposal if it is similar Lee Mun Wah's objectives.

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