Life Satisfaction & Life Balance
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How satisfied are you with your life currently? How would you rate each area of your life?
Place a number from 1 to 10 in the circle under to each item: a “1” score means “entirely unacceptable to me in its current state”, a “10” score means “I couldn’t be happier with this”. Enter “0” for any that do not apply
Personal Spiritual Life and Growth
Physical Health
Marriage/Romantic Relationship
Home Life (Family Cohesion – How the Family “Works”)
Personal Order (Organization, Efficiency, Simplicity)
Extended Family Relationships (Relatives, In-Laws)
Friends/Social Life
Fun and Recreation/Hobbies
Financial Stability
Physical Environment (Home, Cars, Neighborhood, etc.)
Describe your ideal day. What would that day be like or look like?
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Now describe what an ideal life would be like in the areas that you scored lowest in on the Balance Test.
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What are you tolerating and what is draining your energy?
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Home: What is draining your energy? What do you need to de-clutter this area?
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Mental: What kind of negative thinking preoccupies your thoughts?
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Emotional: What is robbing you of joy? What is zapping your energy?
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Relational: What relationships are toxic to you and draining you of energy?
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Spiritual: What is cluttering your walk with God? Lack of time? Anger or forgiveness issues?
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Needs: What about your needs? What are three of your most pressing needs right now?
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If you could make one change in one area of your life right now, what would it be?
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What would be your first small step to achieve that change?
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