Owner Finance Request
Have you found a property that you wish to own but simply can not afford the full cash amount today? No problem, we have some flexibility and will try our best to work with your unique financial situation. Provide your information in the fields below and we will be in touch with a potential solution.
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The SKU# is located on the "Details" tab of the property that you are interested in obtaining owner financing for. Please copy that SKU# and place it here so that we know exactly what property you are inquiring about. (ex: KM-OR-001)
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Down Payment Amount *
What amount can you place as a down payment? The more that you can put down today the more you will save in the long run.
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What amount can you make on a monthly basis? The higher amount that you can pay monthly will save you money in the long run.
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Are you expecting to collect a large sum of funds at a future date that you could put towards this property? If so, let us know about it.
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When do you anticipate you might be able to make the balloon payment if any?
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