Marching Band Online Absence Form
Each member is expected to attend ALL rehearsals and performances. The directors must approve exceptions in advance.

From the Guidebook:

"Each member is expected to attend all rehearsals and performances. Maximum attendance is absolutely essential to the success of the Marching Band. Our pursuit of excellence in performance can only be realized given maximum attendance that permits effective use of rehearsal time. We schedule the minimum number of practices needed to sustain the quality and educational validity of our style and scope of band program. No practice is extra or unneeded.

An unexcused absence for a rehearsal or performance cannot be tolerated. Unexcused absences will result in a loss of performance privileges/assignment of service hours to the organization.

Excused absences: Bed-ridden illness, Death in the Family, Wedding

Unexcused absences: Work, Spectator at music concerts or sporting events, Routine medical or dental appointments, Non-emergency medical specialist appointments, Homework/studying, Senior or other picture appointments, Routine club/group activity meeting or events, Events such as family outings, birthday celebrations (student or family) or college fairs.

Summer Vacation:
All marching band members are asked to submit an Absence Form at least two weeks in advance for a vacation during the summer as a courtesy to help our record keeping and rehearsal planning. Summer vacations should not be scheduled during band camp dates. "

ADVANCED COMMUNICATION IS KEY: Any absence must be excused TWO weeks in advance. The date & time of your submission will be catalogued.

If a student is well enough to attend school they will be expected at rehearsal. If a student is not in school, they may only attend rehearsal with director permission.
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