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As a CLA alum, you are part of a growing community committed to cultivating lay leadership in the Church.

CLA is celebrating ten years of leadership. Whether you finished the program a few months ago, or a few years ago, we want to hear from you. Tell us what you're up to, and share a story about how your CLA experience has impacted your life since.

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CLA alumni work in an array of professions, and we are always interested to know where you end up. Let us know what kind of work you do and where.
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Tell us about you as a leader.
CLA alumni are doing amazing work in parishes, schools, and community organizations around the country. Tell us if you're involved in your parish, or serve on a board somewhere, or volunteer at a Catholic organization, or something else...
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Share a great CLA story!
Maybe you ran into your regional coordinator randomly at an office party. Or Maybe Dean Brackley's book on discernment was particularly helpful at a certain moment in your life. Or maybe what you learned about Ignatian leadership has been a big part of your career. Share your CLA story with us!
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