DCC In-Person Service Registration
Health and Safety guidelines to keep in mind if you plan to attend in person:

COVID guidelines allow for us to have multiple 50 person gatherings on our campus at the same time as long as we follow these requirements:

• Each gathering has its own entrance and exit

• Each gathering has its own set of restrooms

• No gathering can share any common areas such as hallways, lobbies, staircases, etc.

• Masks must be worn indoors by everyone 5 yrs. old and up.

In order to welcome as many folks to campus as possible and still comply with these guidelines, please take note of the following instructions:

• Worship services will be at 9 am and 11 am in two locations, the gym or lower hallway classrooms, Rm. 101-104.

• Those gathering in the gym, please park on the southside of the gym and use the south gym entrance. Those gathering in the lower hallway, please park on the northside of the gym and use the lower hallway entrance in the courtyard.

• Sunday School will be the full hour for children age 3 - 6th grade in Rm. 217 and the Friendship Center. Parents will drop off/pick up children at the main auditorium entry without coming into the building—kids will be greeted there by children’s ministry workers.

Also, we continue to following all state and county health and safety guidelines. If you plan to attend in person, please adhere to the following:

• Be in Good Health - If you are showing any signs of illness or may have been exposed to the coronavirus, please continue to join us online.

• Face masks or coverings are required indoors at all times for people 5 yrs. old and up.

• Chairs can be adjusted, but will still require 6 feet of social distancing between “family units”.

• “Family units” can be no larger than 10 people and can consist of families and/or close friends that have continued to have significant contact throughout the last few months.

• Welcome one another with non-physical greetings.

• Be aware restrooms continue to be single-occupancy.

• On Communion Sundays, prepackaged communion elements will be safely dispersed as you enter the worship area.

• Exiting the campus: We ask that you please exit the campus immediately following the service. This will allow space for the arrival of our attendees for the next service
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