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Anaheim Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service Net Check-in & Roll Call
Anaheim Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service Net Check-in & Roll Call
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Script for 1925 Net Pre Start
QST. QST. QST. Calling all radio amateurs.This is (your call sign), Net Control for the City of Anaheim RACES. There will be a controlled net on this frequency in approximately 5 minutes. We ask for the cooperation of all radio amateurs and request a clear frequency during the Net. This is (your call sign), clear until 1930 hours.
Script for 1930 Net Start
QST. QST. QST. Calling all radio amateurs.

This is Net Control for the City of Anaheim RACES Net. My name is (your first name only) and my call sign is (your call sign).

Today is Monday, the (date) of (month) (year).

This Net meets every Monday evening at 1930 hours local time on this frequency of 1 4 6 decimal 2 6 5 MHz with a PL Tone of 1 3 6 decimal 5 for the purpose of providing information to Anaheim RACES members, and for testing the operational readiness of members and their equipment.

This is a directed Net, so please do not transmit until invited to do so. Stations having emergency or priority traffic may interrupt the Net at any time by giving their call sign. Is there any emergency or priority traffic the Net can handle at this time? Please come now.

Hearing none, Net Control wishes to thank K 6 C F for the use of this repeater for Anaheim RACES activities, including this weekly Net.

If for any reason our primary repeater is not functioning correctly, RACES members will switch to our Anaheim 2 repeater. (DO NOT GIVE THE FREQUENCY OR TONE ON THE AIR)

We will now proceed with the business of the Net, starting with announcements; next will be member check-ins. Visitor check-ins will follow, ending with the closing of the Net.

Announcements for the Net will be either informal or formal. Informal announcements are for general information notices only.Formal is for the passing of official messages. Formal messages will be formatted on the CERT/RACES ICS 213 message form (on VIMS for downloading).

All RACES stations hearing this Net are requested to provide relay assistance for any call sign or traffic not acknowledged by Net Control.

Announcements for the Net are as follows: (Make announcements, if any.)

Are there any stations with announcement for the Net? If so, come now with call sign only.

Are there any other RACES stations with announcements?

Document Any Announcements Made Here
Script for Completion of Announcements Moving to Check-in
Hearing none, we will now proceed with Net Check-in for Anaheim RACES members only. Net control will call member call signs, and acknowledge all call signs heard. Members checking in are requested to advise the clarity of Net Control’s transmissions. Please try again if your call sign is not acknowledged by Net Control.

[ For an added exercise the NCO may add the following: When checking in please reply with your call sign using the phonetic alphabet (i.e.: “KJ6DKQ” would be “KILO JULIET SIX DELTA KILO QUEBEC”). ]

Call Out Call Signs
City of Anaheim
RACES Officers
Active RACES Members
Please place a check mark by the following individuals name as the check in
Visitor Script
Are there any late or missed Anaheim RACES members to the Net this evening? Please come now with your call sign only.

Are there any visitors to the Anaheim RACES Net this evening? Please give your call sign, first name and city of residence. Please speak slowly so our Net Control operator can copy your information correctly. We will acknowledge all call signs heard.
Regular Visitors
Add additional names and call signs of those checking in.
First Name (Call Sign) and City
Are there any stations that need a repeat of any announcements made during the Net?

Hearing none, Anaheim RACES is always recruiting new members, for more info visit w w w (dot) anaheim (dot) net (forward slash) RACES or call area code (numbers) 7 1 4 (numbers) 7 6 5 4 0 7 1

The City of Anaheim RACES thanks everyone for checking in this evening. We also thank those not in the Net for keeping the frequency clear during the Net. This is (Your Call Sign) for the City of Anaheim RACES we will now close the Net at (Say Time). Thank you, and good evening!
Net End Time
24 HR Clock
Total Number of People Checked In
Anaheim Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services
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Thank you for taking part in the RACES Weekly Net Control, as Net Control Operator!
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