2020-2021 LA/Socal Regional Championship Video Portal
Submitting a Promote or Compass Award video for the Regional Championship?  Excellent!  Welcome.  You are in the right place.
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Please submit for the 2020-2021 LA/SoCal Regional Regional Championship Promote or Compass Videos by:

               April 23rd, 11:59pm

Rules for the videos can be found in the Game Manual. https://www.firstinspires.org/sites/default/files/uploads/resource_library/ftc/game-manual-part-1.pdf


--Videos can not exceed 60 seconds in length.  

--Team must already have the rights to use any music in the videos.

--Do NOT submit videos using YouTube.

Note Music Sources:  Please note the source of the music and that permission below.  If public domain, both the Song and the Recording must be Public Domain.  Even an old song that is available on the internet is not by its age automatically useable.  

Public Videos: Our strong preference, especially for the Promote Video, is that videos can be publicly viewable online and at the event; we also would like to be able to share them online after the event.  The Promote Video, especially, is a Public Service Announcement, with the intent to be shared.  Please note below if you need them to NOT be shared.  

If you have any questions or have any problems submitting the video, please email Theresa Klemme at tfklemme@gmail.com .  
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How do I have permission to use the music in this video? *
Please share who has given you permission to use the recording and underlying song.  Written permission is best -- overall songs found online or in other resources cannot be used without permission. If you have no music, please indicate that here as well.  Just because a song is old does NOT mean that it is public domain.  Both the song and recording must be by permission.  If from a royalty-free site, please share the full URL.  
Please provide a link to the video (e.g., Google Drive) *
Must be able to be downloadable to present as a winning video at the ILT.  If you are using Google Drive, please set the video to be downloadable before you submit the link.  See permission text above.  If it needs a password or other way in, please include that in the next question below. NO YOUTUBE allowed!
Do we have your permission to share this video link with others?
By submitting this video, you give permission to show it live at the Event if you win.  We are asking here if we may share this Google drive video link in our Playlist, on Facebook, and in any other online communications.
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If a Compass Award nominee, please share full names of the mentor.
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No additional information is needed.  This space is in case you have additional information to provide.  
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