Erlanger Baptist Church FamDance 2021 Registration Form
Friday, April 30, 2021 from 6:30-9:00pm
Family illustration: Dad, Mom, 3 sons, 1 daughter... If everyone were coming, then this family would need two registrations: Father/Daughter and Mother/3 sons. Each registration would be done separately, each would pay $20. So this family with their two registrations and 6 guests would pay a total of $40 for the evening.
Open to families with children currently in K-12th grade. Sorry, no childcare will be provided for younger children.
Select which reservation being made: *
Name of Adult Registration: *
(One adult per registration. If registering a father and mother, please use two separate registrations.)
Preferred Email Contact of Adult Registration: *
(This email will be used to communicate details regarding the evening.)
Name and age of First Child: *
(ex. Joshua, 17)
Name and age of Second Child (if applicable):
(ex. Sally, 11)
Name and age of Third Child (if applicable)::
(ex. Jerubbaal, 8)
Name and age of Fourth Child (if applicable):
(ex. Michal, 14)
Total Number of Guests with this Registration: *
Please click submit below then follow the link to pay for your registration. Each registration is $20. (Per couple. Additional children free.)
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