Jeff Sauer Award 2019 Nomination Form
The winner of the Jeff Sauer Award is selected based on the candidate's level of community service, volunteerism, good citizenship and academic performance.
Eligibility Requirements
1. The award is available to both male and female nominees who live and play high school hockey in Wisconsin.
2. Nominee must be a member of their high school's hockey team (varsity or junior varsity Level)
3. Applications must be submitted by January 31st, 2019 at Midnight (Central Time)
Before filling out the application, please be sure you have completed copies of the following:

1. Nominee's personal essay (required, 3 pages maximum),
2. Coach's letter of recommendation (required),
3. A second letter of recommendation (required), and
4. An optional third letter of recommendation

ready to upload in PDF, Microsoft Word, or Google Doc format. Other formats will not be accepted.

Please include the nominees last name and first initial in the file name. For example:

- SmithC_PersonalEssay.docx
- SmithC_CoachLetter.pdf

Selection Criteria
Personal Essays (by the nominated player) and recommendation letters should describe the nominee's achievements in the following areas:

1. As an athlete and teammate:
- Leadership and sportsmanship
- Relationships with teammates, coaches and staff

2. As a positive force in the community:
- Leadership in the community
- Activities and organizations as well as time dedicated to community and volunteer services
- Names of charities founded or served (if applicable)
- Academic standing

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