Kultur Digital Barrierefrei - Questionnaire
All people should go to cultural events. We want this to become easier. For the audience and artists. Especially for people with disabilities. This project aims to solve problems. You can help. Answer the following questions. Answer where you like. There is no obligation to fill in certain questions.
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Which events do you visit?
Is that sentence true for you? "Sometimes, I wanted to attend an event but I couldn't."
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If yes. "I could not go because... (please tick all that apply)
What could help you attend more cultural events?
Is that true? "Sometimes I did go but I had difficulties at the event."
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Please tick all difficulties you had at the event:
What would help you at the events?
Do you take part in cultural events on the Internet? For example live-streams of concerts or theater plays.
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How can cultural events be made more easily accessible on the Internet? Do you have an idea?
What is your email address? (answer only if you like)
Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
Thank you for participating. That helps us a lot.
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