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This form is for current and prospective college students who would like to learn more about or get involved with the Disabled Students' Network. All others, please use our Community Interest Form.

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Please tell us about any accommodations or language interpretation that will help you fully participate in our online seminars or in-person events.
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Where are you in your college journey? How would you like to get involved with the Disabled Students' Network?
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The Colorado Disabled Students' Network is founded on the belief that each of us has a unique set of passions, skills, areas of expertise, and personal qualities that can benefit others. This is what makes us a network: we each contribute to the whole. What are some of your own passions, skills, or areas of expertise? Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to say. This is just an invitation to start thinking about it.
Please tell us anything you would like us to know about your disability / disabilities and your experiences as a disabled person. Share as much or as little as you wish.
What questions do you have for us?
Would you like to receive a welcome phone call or text from someone in the network? We would love to chat, learn more about you, and answer any questions you have. If this interests you, provide your phone number here:
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