Refer an Internship Site
Becoming an internship site with City-As-School is a rewarding experience for everyone involved!

What makes for a beneficial Internship Site:
- An Internship mentor interested in teaching work-based skills and providing guidance to young adults.
- An organization that is able to allow students to be a part of engaging learning opportunities.

For Internship Sites to know before committing:
- Students work on either Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday schedules. Our interns can work either full or partial days (up to 8 hours per day)
- Students stay for either 8 or 16 week cycles.
- They are supported by an Internship Coordinator if ever there are any difficulties.
- All internship are UNPAID. We grant them full high school credit. We ask that sites provide our students with a small lunch stipend.

PLEASE consider City-As-School's students for an opportunity to LEARN alongside you. Participating in our youth's education is such an important part of being involved in our community.
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