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Register a new team with the NCDA using this form, no matter how far along in the startup process.
Or update your existing team's information by submitting a new form.

Responses are used by NCDA Staff to update the Contact List and fill out each team's bio page. If you have any questions, please email the League or let us know otherwise.
National Collegiate Dodgeball Association
Name of Respondent *
For administrative purposes
Official Acronym *
A short team name which is readily recognized in records, box scores, and the like. Please limit to about 6 characters. DePaul, Kent, OSU, MSU, etc
Member Team Name *
The preferred address of the club or team. DePaul Dodgeball Society, The Ohio State Dodgeball Syndicate, etc. If you prefer to be known by your university name, that is ok too.
School *
Full name of the school. DePaul University. Michigan State U, etc
Contact Information
If you need to list more than one contact, please use a comma for separation.
Name of Contact *
Primary contact for the phone number and/or email address.
Phone Number *
Phone numbers are not posted on the website, but are included in the contact spreadsheet.
Email *
Preferred email address for contact by the League and your fellow Member Teams. Should be an email that is checked regularly.
Team Information
Link to Group or Page; shows up in the bio page and the contact list.
Link to account; shows up in the bio page and the contact list.
Link to a club or team's website.
Organizational Status *
Proof of Organizational Representation
Link to a Univeristy website or organizational directory that shows your club is a campus recognized entity. For example, DePaul Dodgeball as a Club Sport at DePaul:
Additional Accounts/Links
Anything extra you would like to include
List of Officers and Captains of the Club/Team *
Please include Full Name and Position. Designate Captains and Alternate Captains as well.
Specific Bio Page Information
Example of a Bio Page using MSU:
Month and Year of Team Foundation *
Full date is helpful, but month and year will do. If you do not know the day, choose the 1st.
Date Joined the NCDA
This is the date of your Induction match. If you do not know the exact date or have not played an NCDA match yet, please leave this blank.
Municipality *
Regular Home Court *
Your usual home court/building you play for League dodgeball matches. (DePaul: Ray Meyer, Court 4)
Type of School *
Land Grant, Catholic, Research (You can grab this directly from Wikipedia or your school's website)
Number of Undergraduate Students *
Again, you should be able to grab this from the school website or Wikipedia.
Other Athletic Conference Affiliations *
Major conferences that the other athletic teams participate in. NCAA D-1 Mid-American Conference, NCAA D-1 Big East, NAIA MCC, etc
Bio: Regularly and Historically Hosted Dodgeball Events *
Matches or events that are hosted by the Club. (Chicago Dodgeball Open, Michigan Dodgeball Cup, Battle of the Valleys)
Bio: Notable records, wins, or achievement of any interest *
Bio: Descriptive Paragraph of the Club *
Have fun with these paragraphs! It fills out the bio page for your team.
Logo *
If your team has a logo they would like to use to represent themselves in the NCDA, please include a link of where we can find that. By default, we use a school's logo, but would much rather use a dodgeball related logo. As always, we'd prefer you tell us which logo to use. Vector logos are also preferred (SVG, AI, PDF, EPS).
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