Welcome, Sassies!
This form is an application to request acceptance for Andrea Johnston's Sassy BLAST Team. Completion of this form is not confirmation of a spot on the team, just merely an application of interest. Thank you for your interest, please read the information below to see if this group is something you care interested in being a part of!

1. Applicants MUST be able to review TWO of Andrea's books in a calendar year - either new releases or from the backlist. We appreciate Amazon, Bookbub and Goodreads, and when applicable, iBooks, and Barnes and Noble. Being banned from Amazon will not keep you from being on this team.

2. You will need to join our Facebook group for the team before you will receive any ARC's. Link will be sent via email once we've chosen members for the team!

3. All BLOGGERS are invited to join our Master Blog List instead of applying for this team. They get the same information, just formatted differently. Please follow this link here: https://goo.gl/forms/eoIZpTW6iLmRzgB02

4. The point of this team is to be Andrea's cheerleaders in all ways - to share all the promotional things and comment, like and be active on her posts on her business page. We are building a team that is willing to help share her books with the world!

5. There will often be BLAST exclusive giveaways or opportunities as well.

If you wish to leave the team on your own accord, please contact Megan Addison (meganaddisonPA@gmail.com) and we will be happy to accommodate and remove your information from the contact list and Facebook group.

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