Class Representative Report Form
Dear Class Representative,

We value your views on the teaching of the modules you and your classmates take for monitoring improvement and for development purposes. Please tick the “Yes” or the “No”, whichever is closest to your views, and add any comments or remarks you may wish to give. Your comments or remarks will remain anonymous.

Note that this form includes three sub_forms for reporting course delivery at weekly basis and Week 1-Week 3. Where Section 1 of the form is always applicable to all sub-forms during reporting.

To access the Class Rep. Framework, Class Rep. are requested to open Gmail Accounts for this purpose only.

Format to open the account:

Name: College, E.g: CASS
Last Name: Year(n)_Group(n): E.g: Year1_Group1
User name: College_Year(n)_Group(n), E.g:

Send Request of access at:

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