Eura's Build Services
Hewwo! Thank you for your considering my build services :> To clarify, I plan on streaming these builds, so if you are uncomfortable with that prospect, please let me know!

Here are some conditions before continuing with the form!

1. My services are ***NOT*** free. Base price starts at 40 USD for keyboards and 25 USD for macropads. [If you have a macropad, simply fill out the layout option section anyways]

2.You must provide all build components - Stabilizers, PCB, plate, switches, Keyboard case (Keycaps optional - will be used for photos after the build)—If you for some reason cannot provide stabilizers or switches, let me know and we can arrange something. I will invoice you for the parts I provide. I do ***NOT*** provide lubing or frankenswitching services. As much as I would love to, I simply do not have the time.

3. Pay for shipping to me in Los Angeles County, CA—90015 (local drop-off is also allowed). I will send you an invoice for return shipping after the build service.

4. I do ***NOT*** desolder.

5. I am not responsible for any damage/issues during transit or shipping.

6. If in the event I would like to take photos of the board and you do not want me to shoot photos and post to IG, please let me know!!

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