3rd Q FJE Self-Reflection
First Name
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Last Name
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Describe your interest level in jazz
Not very into it
Totally into it
Describe your level of effort in class
I'm just here, but not trying very hard
I'm totally engaged, prepared, and contributing
Describe your level of effort outside of class
I'm not working on any jazz concepts outside of class
I'm spending a lot of time working on jazz concepts outside of class
On average, how many times a week do you practice outside of class
How long is your average practice session?
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Describe what a typical practice session looks like for you
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Indicate your current jazz listening habits
I'm not listening to jazz at all
I'm listening to jazz all the time
Tell me a bit about how or what you're listening to (if it's jazz, great, but if it isn't, tell me what other kinds of music you're listening to).
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Describe your comfort level with improvisation
Not at all comfortable
Really like it
What grade would you give yourself for third quarter?
Please describe why you gave yourself this grade
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Is there anything else you'd like me to know about you, your musical path, or generally how things are going
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