Summer Research Mentorship
for Upward Bound rising juniors during the Summer Academy at Appalachian State University
Guide for Research Mentorship
Upward Bound rising juniors will work with App State graduate students, Professors, or Undergraduate students in research activities in a field of their interest. Follow the steps below to search for school departments and professors who are/will be conducting research during the upcoming summer. Once you have explored through all of the research opportunities available, choose three that you would be interested in learning more about this summer. The Upward Bound staff will work to place you with a research mentor based on one of your three selections.

1. Open a new tab and go to Appalachian's undergraduate majors website:
2. Read through the majors/fields and click on one that interests you (example: Chemistry, Political Science)
3. Scroll down to People and click on "Meet More Faculty", or click on "Related Programs"
4. Browse through to read about faculty in that department and click on their name to read about them and their research.
5. Complete the survey with 3 different areas/professors

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