Summer Reading Warrior Application
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Title: Reading & Tech Warrior Leaders
Reports to: Warrior Coach
Open to: Young adults ages 14 through 21. 15 positions are available.
Schedule: Orientation June 19 - 23rd; Work Period June 26th - August 4th
Pay: $8.00/hour

Reading Warriors will be assigned to a small group of elementary grade children who they will work with throughout the summer to improve their reading skills and help them develop a true passion for reading. Warriors will be trained and work at summer camps in the Hill District and other parts of the city.

● Be a role model for the other Warriors and your assigned elementary children
● Read with elementary children
● Have elementary children read to you
● Discuss everyone's books with other Reading Warriors
● Escort children to libraries and other community locations
● Wear your t-shirts when traveling to and from the site, at your site, at trainings, and at outreach events

● Must live in the Hill District or West Oakland
● Must be willing to read with elementary school children
● Must value education and reading and be willing to share that passion
● Must be willing to participate in extensive professional development
● Must be ready to accept the responsibility of mentoring younger children and providing leadership to other Warriors

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