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Quiz Questions
1. In which country is Cardiff? *
1 point
2. Who is married to the Queen of the United Kingdom? *
1 point
3. What is the official home of the Prime Minister? *
1 point
4. What percentage of the total British population is located in England alone? *
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5. What do you need to apply to become a permanent resident or citizen of the UK (Choose TWO options)? *
2 points
6. How old is the clock at the Houses of Parliament in London, also known as ‘Big Ben’? *
1 point
7. Who was Boudicca? *
1 point
8. In the UK, what should dogs wear in public places? *
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9. According to the 2011 Census, what percentage of the population identified themselves as Muslim? *
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10. Who wrote ‘ The Lord of the Rings? *
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