PTC Heating Projects ~ Request for Quote Questionnaire
We are excited that you have chosen to engage our company for your heating project. As all heating projects have very different requirements, please fill out the below information to establish a baseline for further communication.
First and Last Name, Company, Email Address *
Explain in detail what is the heater will be used for? *
What is your development timeline? *
Explain the environment that this part will be exposed to. *
What is the Voltage and Current? *
What are the physical dimensions of the heater? *
Is there an engineering drawing available? *
Where do you recommend the electrical connections be placed? *
Is there a requirement for the electrical connections? If so, explain what type? *
How is the heater to be applied to the part? *
What material(s) are used with the part? *
What is the maximum power or power density? *
Must the heater be Self-Regulating? If so, what temperature? *
If the heater is not self regulating, is there an external controller? If so, what type of sensor is required (Thermocouple, RTD) and where is the sensor to be located? *
What is the maximum service temperature? *
What is the ideal time to temperature? *
Does the unit need to be protected. e.g. circuit breaker, GFCI? Yes or no, explain why. *
Are there leakage current concerns? *
Is there protection for the heater required, e.g. metal casing, etc.? *
Are there safety standard compliance criteria. e.g. UL, CE, etc.? Explain. *
Must you have temperature uniformity across the surface of your heater? *
Has a heat transfer analysis been performed? *
Is a peel and stick option required? *
Is an outside thermal insulator required? *
Business Questions: initial quantities, production quantities, target price, length of program, etc. *
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