Patriarchy Stress Disorder™ (PSD) Jailbreak Strategy Session Application
Patriarchy Stress Disorder™ (PSD) is an inner jail that we're all born into.

Its walls are constructed of the trauma of 1000s years of oppression that has been passed down to us from our mothers, grandmothers, and great great great grandmothers galore through our DNA.

Its bars are all the ways in which PSD expresses in our health, relationships, career, business, finances, confidence, wellbeing, etc. -- holding us back from our ultimate happiness and success, standing in the way of us truly having it all.

The problem is that both the walls and the bars are invisible.

The walls just feel like a normal part of our environment -- it's just the way things are. If we've never experienced life outside of the PSD prison we were born into, we don't have a different experience, a reference point for true inner freedom. We feel restricted, squashed, repressed, stressed, but we don't know why. Heeding advice of self-help gurus, life coaches, and motivational speakers, we "take responsibility" for our lack of inner freedom aka blame ourselves on the account that we "hold ourselves back," don't "play big" enough, have difficulty with "daring greatly," or self-sabotage when trying our best to "lean in" and "thrive."

The bars -- we were all sold explanations for the issues we're facing in health, relationships, career, business, finances, confidence, wellbeing, etc. — that came with a long and costly road of medical and psychological treatments, "personal growth," and "self-improvement." This road is costly not just in terms of time and money. It's costly in that it avoids addressing the real issue -- the trauma that imprisons us -- thus furthering the patriarchal agenda of having us believe: “Something is wrong with me and I need to fix it." After all, our economy revolves on making women feel terrible about themselves.

If this resonates with you and you're ready for your jailbreak, I invite you to apply for a 1:1 PSD Jailbreak Strategy Session with me personally.

What I bring to the table is over 20,000 hours of experience as a therapist specializing in holistic (mind-body-spirit) trauma resolution. I’ve spent over 14 years helping my clients plan and execute their jailbreaks.

That's thousands of women who freed themselves from the prison of trauma (PSD being just one of the trauma varieties) where they were holding themselves back to feel safe — to boldly stepping out professionally and personally, claiming their gorgeousness, dodging clothes that served as their "invisibility cloaks" for bright colors, sexy silhouettes, and fabulous shoes, finding their soulmates, skyrocketing their incomes, their life, work, and relationship satisfaction.

That's hundreds of relationships that broke out of the trauma prison (yes, women and men are traumatized by patriarchy differently, with other kinds of trauma typically in the mix), transformed from suffering to thriving, from a lack of connection to deep intimacy, from emotional and physical affection deprivation to avalanches of toe-curling orgasms and deep fulfillment found in their togetherness.

I can go on and on.

But the thing that really matters here is — what’s waiting for YOU on the other side of the PSD prison walls?

As you're contemplating if this session is worth your while, here're some FAQs you may find useful:

Q: What happens in the Jailbreak Strategy Session?

A: We'll identify the walls and the bars -- the way they uniquely manifest in your life.

Q: What is the goal of the session?

A: To make the invisible factors that are affecting you visible. So that with this knowledge, things FINALLY make sense. You will breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the issues you've been working so hard to "fix" yourself around are not your fault. We also outline a "jailbreak" strategy for breaking out of the PSD prison (aka resolving this trauma on the levels of the mind, body, spirit, and energy).

Q: Will you be selling me something?

If in the course of our conversation you discover that you’d like to work more closely with me on your PSD jailbreak and claiming your ultimate success and happiness, just let me know. I’ll be honored to share with you the opportunities I currently offer to have me on your team as your guide and mission support.

Now I have a few questions for you -- to see if a PSD Jailbreak Strategy Session is right for you at this time.

Because time is our most valuable resource, and I’m a big believer in maximizing a return on any investment, I only offer these sessions to women, men, and couples who stand to benefit the most.

So that at the end of our session, you and I both feel that the return on the investment of time would be at least 10x in at least one area — psychical or mental health, relationship, career, business, or money.

Sounds good?

I’ll be the one personally reading your answers and I promise to keep them confidential (save for the standard risks associated with electronic transmission of information).

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We'll make the most of the time we have together, but it's unlikely that we'll fully resolve the issues you've been wresting with in this one session. Are you prepared to invest your time, energy, and money in actually implementing the strategies that we develop in your complementary session? *
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