Head of Programme Talent Bench & Global Roster Information Session
The Talent Benches and Global Rosters are designed to further strengthen UNOPS capacity to identify talent and to enable succession planning for business critical roles. Where a Talent Benches or a Global Roster has been established for a particular role, any future vacancy will be filled from the Talent Benches and the Global Roster, unless there is a need for a specific skill or expertise that members of the Talent Benches and Global Roster do not have.

Persons who apply to be included in the Talent Benches and the Global Roster will undergo a rigorous assessment. This assessment will serve as a pre-qualification exercise, and those who successfully complete the assessment will be members of the Talent Benches or the Global Roster for the coming 3 years, during which they will have the priority of being selected for Head of Programme roles in UNOPS. Also, part of the evaluation for this role is a Virtual assessment and development center, where the candidates will benefit from personal feedback sessions to discuss their performance throughout the process.

If you would like to know more about this initiative and the assessment process, please complete the following Google Form to register for an information session.

Also, follow the links below to understand how Talent Benches and Global Rosters work in UNOPS.
- Internal Candidates: https://intra.unops.org/operations/people/professional-development/talent-benches-rosters-and-pools
- External Candidates: https://content.unops.org/HR-Documents/HR-jobs/UNOPS_Rosters_flyer.pdf

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