Shamrock Chinese School:  Spring Math Class
This is the official registration form for Shamrock Chinese School's Summer Program.

First Day of School: 1/21/2023

School Days:       1/21/2023~5/20/2023 
No School Days: 3/21/2022

Time: See Below for Detailed Time

Location: Full-Remote Online Class (via Zoom)

$308 for Math Enrichment (Grade 3-4): (On Saturday; 3:40PM~4:40PM).  
$462 for Math Enrichment ( Grade 5): (On Saturday; 11:00AM~12:30PM).
$957 for Common Core Math (G6-7 Tuesday, Saturday)

You must pay in full for us to confirm your registration and reserve a spot.

Agreement and Release:

I, the undersigned, agree to pay the tuition and other fees as indicated in the form attached hereto or as modified from time to time. I agree that the registration fee paid to and/or remained in Shamrock Assoc. & Corp. is not refundable. The tuition fee is not refundable after the student attending Shamrock Assoc. & Corp.for one month in the school year (School Year). In consideration of participation in the programs offered by Shamrock Assoc. & Corp. (the “Program”), I agree to indemnify and release the Program from any and all liabilities from any injuries which may be suffered by the below-named child, arising out of, or in any way connected with participation in the classes or activities offered by the Program, except to the extent attributable to a willful act or active negligence of the Program or its officers, staff, agents, employees, or teachers. I, the undersigned, as the parent/guardian, acknowledge that the above-named child is being enrolled in a program that consists of educational components and that the Program is an exempt, NOT licensed childcare.

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Phone: (408) 876-0597
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