Little Mountain Darvill Stewardship
This conservation easement has been a well-loved part of the trail system at Little Mountain Park for years! The Little Mountain Darvill property is 37 acres adjacent to Little Mountain Park, and features the Darvill Trail. The forest provides good habitat for a wide range of species. There is cover for resting, nesting, and hiding from predators or the elements. There are trees in a wide range of decay, including snags appropriate for nesting and cavity dwelling animals. This protected area adjoins Little Mountain Park and helps provide a wildlife corridor connecting to Big Lake, Devil’s Mountain and the foothills of the Cascades. Salamanders, frogs, eagles, woodpeckers, owls, coyote, deer, bobcats and many other species call this area home.

Directions: Drive on Cedardale Road, which is east of and runs parallel to I-5, which is south of Mount Vernon. From the junction of Cedardale Road and Hickox Road, south of Mount Vernon, go east on Hickox Road. Drive about one mile on Hickox Road on your left will be a small gravel parking area.


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