Hack Open Badges
If you believe that one could do much more with Open Badges that simply display them on Facebook or LinkedIn, join at ePIC the design team of the Open Badge ecosystem of the future!

Hack Open Badges (#HackBadges) aims at reinventing the Open Badge ecosystem, in particular imagining how the information contained in Open Badges could be used to create innovative services to badge earners and consumers within and beyond education.

During the first session of "Hack Open Badges" you will have the opportunity to present your project idea, then the participants will have 10 votes (stickers) they will place on their favourite projects. The projects with the most votes will be selected and teams will be organised to design the different projects.

Participants are free to move from one project to the next and project leaders also have the opportunity to merge/coordinate their projects. The results of "Hack Open Badges" will be largely publicised within and beyond the Open Badge community.

The event starts Wednesday October 26th and continues during the conference for a final presentation Friday 28th.

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