2019 Worcester Pride Pageant Application
Thank you for your interest in the 2019 Worcester Pride Pageant*.

The annual pageant is on September 6th, 2019 at El Basha (266 Park Ave-Worcester, MA) from 6-10pm.

Please read the rules and regulations through before completing the form below.

Please email worcesterpride@gmail.com with any questions.

*Pageant contestants must be 18+ to participate.

I. Registration and Eligibility
a. Eligibility
1. All contestants must be 18 years or older on the date of the pageant in order to complete;
2. Pageant is open to contestants throughout the state of Massachusetts; and
3. Previous title holders may compete if a period of five (5) years has lapsed since the end of their reign.
b. Registration
1. Registration will be open from May 1, 2019-August 26, 2019;
2. Each contestant must sell five (5) tickets to reserve their spot;
3. Worcester Pride must receive your completed application and confirmation of five (5) ticket sales to reserve your spot; and
4. There are four (4) contestants per category (Miss Gay Worcester Pride has 5 contestants). Once the contestants sell their five tickets, the category is closed.

II. Available Titles
a. Miss Gay Worcester Pride 2019: Open to drag queens
b. Mr. Worcester Pride 2019: Open to anyone male identifying
c. Ms. Worcester Pride 2019: Open to anyone female identifying
d. Mx. Worcester Pride 2019: Open to anyone gender queer/gender non-conforming

III. Orientation
a. A mandatory orientation will be held on 9/1/19 (location TBD) from 6pm-8pm; and
b. ALL contestants must attend this meeting to be eligible to compete.

IV. Pageant Categories
a. Walk-on Presentations
1. The walk-on theme for this year is "Express Yourself."
b. Talent
1. Each contestant will be given a 5 minutes time limit for talent.
2. No fire, water, glitter, confetti, or animals are permitted.
i. When in doubt, email worcesterpride@gmail.com with questions.
3. All contestants are expected to set up and strike any props for their talent portion.
4. All music for the contestant's talent portion will be due by the orientation meeting on 9/1/19.
i. Music must be provided via email, CD, or flash drive.
5. Backup dancers or additional performers for your talent portion will need to pay admission to the event. You may allocate tickets that you need to sell as part of your entrance fee for this purpose.
i. Additional performers will only be allowed backstage during the talent portion and will be expected to leave the
backstage area after their performance.
c. Evening Wear
1. Each contestant will be expected to model evening wear of their choice during this portion of the event.
d. Questions and Answers
1. Each contestant will be asked a random question following their evening wear presentation. The question will include such topics as: pride, community, activism, or world views.

V. Judging
a. Contestants will be judged in the following categories and are able to receive a possible 100 points total:
1. Walk-on Theme (possible 25 points);
2. Talent (possible 30 points);
3. Evening Wear (possible 30 points); and
4. Question and Answer (possible 15 points).
b. Each contestant will be judged by a set of five (5) judges.
1. Contestants are able to engage the judges in their performance, but the judges cannot assist the contestants in any way.

VI. Grounds for Disqualification
a. The following will be grounds for immediate disqualification and possible removal from the venue:
1. Theft of violence of any kind;
2. Drug usage backstage of in the venue; and/or
3. Deliberate damage to the venue property;

VII. Prize Package
a. 2019 Worcester Pride Crown and Sash;
b. $200 cash ($100 day of event and $100 at end of the reign); and
c. The Worcester Pride Royalty name for the full year.

VIII. Title Holder Requirements
a. Mandatory attendance at the Worcester Pride Parade on 9/7/19 at 10:30am (line up for the parade is at the corner of Salisbury Street and Humboldt Street);
b. Mandatory attendance at the Worcester Pride Festival on 9/7/19 after the end of the parade (festival ends at 5pm);
c. Mandatory involvement in the planning and execution of the Worcester Pride brunch fundraiser in May 2020;
d. Each title holder must also hold one (1) fundraiser event (where at least 25% of the proceeds go to Worcester
Pride), for and with the support of Worcester Pride, during their reign; and
e. Each title holder is expected to represent Worcester Pride with dignity and outstanding poise.

Additionally, title holders MUST seek permission from Worcester Pride when wearing their sash and/or crown to events that are not sponsored by Worcester Pride and/or using their Worcester Pride Pageant title on any marketing materials.

**Worcester Pride reserves the right to override any rules if necessary.

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