NOLA East Business Owner Economic Development Survey
This survey is to be completed only by individuals who 1) previously or currently live in and/or own a business in New Orleans East; or 2) are considering operating a business in New Orleans East. Please complete the survey only once and share the survey with other individuals who meet this criteria. The more feedback we receive, the better we can gauge the needs of the area. Your personal contact information will be used ONLY if further clarification is needed. Please respond no later than August 31, 2019. Your participation is greatly appreciated.
Are you currently the owner of a business in New Orleans East?
If you own a business in New Orleans East, please indicate which of the circumstances below apply.
If you checked NONE of the boxes above, please indicate why none of these circumstances apply?
What industry is/was your business in?
How would you rate your experience as a business owner?
Please briefly describe your experience as a business owner, including any resources (e.g., training, financing, etc.) that were available to you, or might have been helpful to you, had they been available.
Your answer
What are the biggest challenges with operating a business in the area?
What are the most positive aspects of operating a business in the area?
As a business owner, what information would you gain the greatest benefit from?
What sources of funding have you used to operate your business?
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